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Why should you cook with only cold-pressed oil?

A good diet is essential for a long life. Health conscious people always try to distance themselves from processed food, maida, gluten, and other things. However, have we ever thought of the ill-effects of refined cooking oils compared to Cold-Pressed Oils that we use in Indian kitchens? The chemical residuals after the refining process leads to numerous health issues like cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, etc. It is rightly said that good oil is good for health.Ā Ā 

Benefits of Cold-Pressed Oils

Cold-pressing is a technique for obtaining oil that involves breaking seeds or nuts and applying pressure to get the oil from them. The temperature of the oil does not rise beyond 5oC than the ambient temperature during process. This is why the oil is known as cold-pressed. It is a technique for obtaining oil from oil seeds such as Sesame, Groundnut or Coconut. These oils still have flavour, aroma, and nutritional value, and they also have antioxidants that work to prevent free radicals from damaging our bodily cells. They are abundant in vitamins, a good source of Lauric and myristic fatty acid which is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Why choose cold-pressed oils over regular refined oils?

When cooking, the oil you use must be using should be a naturally processed one.Ā  Several versions with names like Low absorb, blanched, refined, and Lite may be found in supermarkets and advertise weight loss. That essentially indicates that they have been highly treated with chemicals and heat. They scarcely have any nutrients! Such oils only include worthless calories.


Benefits of Cold-Pressed Oils:

Cold-pressed oils are healthy for your body since they include all the necessary antioxidants, vitamins, lecithin, phospholipids, and protein.

Cold pressed oils are free from chemicals. Cold-pressed oils do not have any chemical processes. But in refining process Hexane, sodium hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, bleaching agents, and other chemicals are used. One must switch to cold-pressed oils at the soonest to save themselves from life threatening diseases.

Most of the nutrients found in seeds are preserved intact when they are cold-pressed to extract oil. It is good for health and supports healthy weight loss apart from nourishing hair.

The natural antioxidants in cold-pressed oil aid in reducing the body’s vulnerability to oxidativeĀ cellĀ damage

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