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How to protect your skin during winter ?

Winter brings warm cuddles and lazy sunshine, along with the comfort of cozy blankets, hot coffees, and warm soups. However, it also introduces challenges like dry skin, hair fall, dull appearances, and allergies. Continuous moisturizer application can lead to skin tanning as dust sticks to it. This emphasizes the need for thorough winter skincare. Utilize Vitamin E-rich cold-pressed oil to care for the skin, providing nourishment and promoting its beauty and health during the winter season.

Natural, chemical free, pure Almond oil this winter:

A modern steel press extracts Cold Pressed Almond oil from the Almond seeds, retaining all the benefits and nutrients of the Almond.


Almond Oil is rich in vitamin E. Applying Almond oil daily under the eyes, results in reduction of dark circles, when applied to the face wrinkles disappear. It’s very usual that skin cracks during winter causing lot of pain due to redness and irritation. Almond Oil act as a natural moisturizer, keeps the skin moist soft and smooth for longer duration. It is advisable to massage pure cold pressed almond oil to a baby to protect its skin from harsh winter

Cold Pressed Gingelly / Sesame Oil care during Winter:

Sesame oil has a warming effect on your body and is best for a massage during winter months to keep oneself protected from the cold and harsh weather conditions. It helps in reducing muscle pain, cough and cold. Massaging with sesame oil can make you feel warm, calm and comfortable.


In Olden days there was a habit of applying or massaging Gingelly Oil / sesame Oil / Black Till Oil to the whole of the body before taking a hot shower once in a while and during festivities. This tradition is being followed in many households even now. This process helps in reducing the stress, nourishing the muscles, joints, bones and skin. This also helps in improving sleep patterns; to relieve muscular pain and tension, make the skin healthy and glowing, and improve blood circulation.

In Ayurvedic terms, sesame oil when massaged to the whole body during winter, balances Vata dosha. Vata is the principle that governs ‘movement’ in the body. It controls the nervous system. When Vata is disturbed we feel unsettled, jumpy, out of balance, and may suffer from disturbed sleep.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for your skin during Winter

Coconut tree in itself is such a gift to mankind. When you think about it, almost every part of the coconut tree is useful in some way or the other. Coconut is a wondernut of this tree. Oil extracted from coconut is known as Coconut oil. Our grandmothers raved about it, our mothers always kept it handy on their shelf, and at some point in our lives, we’ve all used it as our go to hair or body oil to beat the cold, dry winter and for cooking too.


Beauty experts and dermatologists around the world revere it as one of the best natural moisturizers that the skin easily absorbs, penetrating deeper layers and keeping it hydrated for long hours.Extra virgin coconut oil comes with natural antioxidants that help relieve skin inflammation, cuts and wounds, rashes and other skin conditions during winter.


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