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Free shipping on order above Rs. 999/- on selected products 😍  
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Free shipping on order above Rs. 999/- on selected products 😍  

Experience Store

Welcome to the Healthy Fibres Experience Store, a haven for health-conscious individuals seeking the finest and most nourishing products for their kitchen. With two convenient locations in Basavangudi, Bangalore, and Dongerkery, Mangalore, these stores are dedicated to bringing nature’s goodness and the art of traditional extraction to your doorstep.

Step into our Basavangudi store, nestled in the heart of Bangalore, where the vibrant city meets the tranquil world of health and wellness. Immerse yourself in the array of cold-pressed cooking oils, each drop carrying the essence of purity and nutrition. Discover stone-ground flours, ghee, and an assortment of premium dry fruits, thoughtfully sourced to elevate your culinary creations.

In the coastal charm of Mangalore, our Dongerkery store beckons you with the same promise of healthful indulgence. Breathe in the rich aroma of pure ghee and the inviting fragrance of filter coffee and tea powder. Delight in the symphony of flavors from our spice powders, carefully ground to perfection.

Beyond being a shopping destination, both our experience stores are a hub of knowledge and awareness. Engaging displays and informative visuals guide you through the unique process behind each product. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always eager to share their expertise and help you make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’re a health enthusiast or someone looking to embark on a wellness journey, the Healthy Fibres Experience Stores have something special for everyone. Visit us in Basavangudi, Bangalore, and Dongerkery, Mangalore, and immerse yourself in the goodness of nature’s bounty. Choose health, choose purity, and let your kitchen become a canvas for wellness and flavor. With Healthy Fibres, every meal is a celebration of nourishment and conscious living.

Location: Bangalore
2B1, O.V.H. Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore – 560 004
Ph : +91 93412 41777

Location: Mangalore
Shop No #1, Vaishnavi Complex, ASRP Road, Dongerkery, Mangalore – 575 003
Ph: +91 98869 99052

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