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My Grandma’s magic “Avakai Pickle” for Tangy Temptations

I will always remember the comforting scent of my grandmother’s cooking as a youngster, a place where the magic of tradition was unveiled with every family dish. Today, I invite you inside the spiritual journey of producing my grandmother’s favourite delicacy, Avakai Mango Pickle, a culinary masterpiece that represents the essence of our ancestry.

Grandma serving her kids variety of dishes

A Time-Honoured Approach:

The classic recipe relies on Cold Pressed / Kachi Kani Gingelly Oil, aligning with our commitment to tradition. Passed down through generations, these methods, emphasized by my grandma, preserve flavor and health in our food.

Methods for Making Avakai Mango Pickles:

1. Selecting the Finest Mangoes
The procedure begins with handpicking the choicest raw mangoes, ensuring they are firm and unripe to guarantee the optimum combination of tanginess.

2. Mixing the Spices:
As we painstakingly grind a harmonious blend of spices, including turmeric, red chilli powder, mustard seeds, and fenugreek, our kitchen becomes a fragrant sanctuary – the very essence of Avakai Mango Pickle.

3. The Gingelly Oil Magic: Cold Pressed / Kachi Kani Gingelly Oil takes center stage, enhancing the pickle with its distinct flavor and countless health advantages. Because of its high level of purity, you may enjoy the oil’s rich flavour without worrying about sacrificing any of its nutritious worth.

4. Baking in the Sun for Optimal Results:
The mangoes, now drenched in the spice-infused combination, are left to bask in the warm sunlight, enabling the flavors to mingle and develop. This procedure, passed down through generations, is vital for the pickle’s depth and flavour.

5. Aging Gracefully:
Patience is a virtue in the art of pickling. Our Avakai Mango Pickle grows in a dark, cold environment, patiently awaiting the moment when its tastes reach their best — a monument to the leisurely, traditional technique.

Grand Mother making Mango Pickle

The significance of traditional cooking:

My grandmother’s worldview is becoming increasingly important as manufactured foods and quick-fix meals take over our kitchens. Embracing traditional cooking methods, such as using Cold Pressed / Kachi Kani Gingelly Oil, not only adds flavour to our food, but also protects our health.

The increased frequency of hereditary illnesses demonstrates the risks of relying on processed foods. By sticking to the knowledge of our elders, we not only relish the true taste of our history but also nurture a healthy lifestyle that echoes through generations.



Continuing my grandmother’s Avakai Mango Pickle legacy, each jar embodies our family’s joy. It carries not just the recipe but our ancestral ideals. Let’s honor traditional cuisine, relish our history, and pass on the heritage of health to the next generations.

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