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Why is refined oil not good for health?

Welcome to a world where pure, natural, and chemical-free cold-pressed oils take center stage. As we advocate for a healthier lifestyle, it is critical to uncover a hidden issue found in many refined oil consumed in our daily meals. Who is the offender? Hexane is a common chemical that poses health risks.

Refined Oils

Did you know how toxic Hexane in refined oil can be in your daily diet?

The Hexane Menace:

Hexane, a hydrocarbon from petroleum, is commonly used in the extraction of refined oil. Although it improves the efficiency of oil extraction, it comes at a cost: the chemical residue in the final product. Hexane is a neurotoxic substance that can harm the nervous system, resulting in a variety of health complications.

Understanding the Extraction Process:

To understand the hexane issue, consider the typical process of oil extraction. Many conventional oils, including soybean, corn, canola, and sunflower oil, go through a refining process that uses hexane. This solvent is effective at separating oil from seeds, but traces of it can remain in the finished product.

Health Concerns Associated with Hexane Exposure:

Consuming hexane residue through refined oils raises potential health risks. Short-term exposure can cause nausea, dizziness, and headaches, whereas long-term exposure has been linked to more serious issues like nerve damage, cancer, and so on. Given its widespread use in the food industry, it is critical to be aware of the potential health risks associated with hexane.

Choosing Healthy Fibres Cold-Pressed Oils:

At Healthy Fibres, we take pride in offering a superior alternative: cold-pressed oils. We use an innovative cold-pressed oil extraction method. The temperature of the cooking oil extracted from various oil seeds, such as coconut, sweet almond, groundnut, and sesame seeds, is no more than 5 degrees Celsius above ambient temperature. Our oil extraction process is one of the most advanced and patented in the industry, thanks to its unique temperature control system. By using our products, you can enjoy the pure goodness of natural, chemical-free oils without jeopardising your health. This method eliminates the need for hexane and other chemical solvents, making it a safer and healthier choice for you and your family.

Make Informed Choices for a Healthier Tomorrow

As consumers, understanding what goes into your food is the first step towards making informed decisions. Choosing cold-pressed oils over Hexane-laden refined oils is a small but significant decision that benefits your overall well-being. Making this switch not only prioritises your health, but also promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.


In order to live a healthier lifestyle, we must be aware of any hidden threats that may exist in our daily diets. Hexane, which is commonly used in the production of refined oil, may pose health risks. At Healthy Fibres, we encourage you to make informed decisions by selecting our pure, natural, and chemical-free cold-pressed oils. Let us work together to create a healthier tomorrow free of the dangers of hexane.

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