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The Best Cooking Oil for my DNA.

In today‘s world for any individual, it is hard to select the proper cooking oil due to various factors like geography, a plethora of edible oils, marketing gimmicks, optics, misleading advertisements, non-traditional food, etc.

The advent of refined cooking oil came into being in 1985. Until then, only oil seeds like coconut, groundnut, sesame, mustard, etc., were used to extract oil that could be consumed directly without any chemical treatment.

                Ancient Cold Press Oil Extraction Instrument and setup

Why Did We Stop Using the cooking oil used by our Ancestors?

With a breakthrough in the technology of refinement, an opportunity opened up to extract oil from a variety of oil seeds. Oil was made to go through a process known as “Refining“. The three-stage process consists of Refining, Bleaching, and Deodorizing. Normally 23 different chemicals are used to complete this process popularly known as RBD. In the greed of making money, heat is introduced to the oil seeds thereby making the oil cells swell, resulting in a higher quantity of oil extraction. The heat generated in the extraction process removes all-natural goodness and changes the chemistry of the oil.

The optic appearance of the product, availability of oilseeds, and the profits made big corporations enter this field bringing down the cost of this chemically processed cooking oil. This attracted masses to fall prey resulting in health issues.

Opt for the cooking oil used by our wise grandmother.

In the olden days when transportation was unheard of, generation after generation our ancestors used to consume locally grown vegetables, fruits, oil seeds, etc., to survive. Our food habits were in perfect sync with our DNA. With modern-day transportation and logistics vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, etc., of other regions percolated into local markets. This is one of the main reasons why our food habits have changed from traditional to global in the last two generations. This change in food habits paved the way to significant illness. 

Plenty of confusion could be put to rest in life. It is rightly advised by the elders: “Go to your roots to know more about yourself”. The same law applies while selecting the right cooking oil for your family. Choose the cooking oil used by your granny. People from the coastal region where plenty of coconuts are available should use coconut oil. Inhabitants from the hinterland should use oil extracted from groundnuts, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, etc., which are locally grown.

Benefits of using Cold Pressed Cooking Oil

It is a well-established fact that Cold Pressed Oil has been traced down Indus Valley Civilisation days. Charred sesame seeds and oil-pressing machines were found in the ruins of Harappa. After examination, they were dated to be more than 5000 years old.

Healthy Fibres Cold pressed cooking oil retains all the medicinal values and natural goodness along with rich flavor. The temperature is maintained at less than 40 °C during the extraction process to get the best of nature. This holistic process of extraction ensures better health. In fact, Apolo Ohno the gold medalist uses cold pressed coconut oil for his dietary needs. 

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