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Mouth watering Cheese Corn Tikki with Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

In many ways, modern life has been quite good and advanced, and one of the best examples is being able to learn about delicious food recipes while sitting at home, which was not previously possible. People, on the other hand, are craving foods that are quite unhealthy and can lead to hazardous health benefits. As a chunk of the population has become obese, it’s high time to switch to healthy eating.

Healthy eating, while it may sound tedious and unappealing, is not always the case. There are numerous options available that can be as delicious as your standard samosa and pizza while also being healthy. People tend to go above and beyond during festivals and other special occasions, even eating unhealthy foods as a result of overeating. One of the foremost and crucial things to note here is that many people are still unaware of the healthy recipes that can help them get back on track with healthy eating habits.

Considering our pick for the same, mouthwatering cheese corn Tikki made from cold-pressed groundnut oil can be a great blend of flavor and health.

Why cold-pressed groundnut oil?

Groundnut oil, as we talk about it, is categorically the most common vegetable oil that suits Indian cooking. There are different varieties of groundnut oil available, each having a distinct and unique flavor. The theory behind cold pressing is that it is the most adequate method to extract the oil from the seeds while retaining the overall natural goodness of the seeds. Because the seeds are macerated with such force, the majority of the antioxidants are released onto the oil, as opposed to refined oils, which use high amounts of chemicals and heat to extract the oil, causing the seeds to lose their nutrients.
Let’s move on to our recipe for delectable cheese corn Tikki with Healthy Fibres cold-pressed groundnut oil, which you can use to enjoy a delicious homemade snack with your family and even impress your guests on occasion.


• 8-10 grated cheese cubes
• 1 Cup of boiled Corn
• 1 Cup of Healthy Fibres Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil
• 1 large Boiled Potato
• 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
• 1 teaspoon of Finely Chopped Coriander
• Salt according to taste
• A pinch of gram masala


Thoroughly mix the corn, chilies, potatoes, coriander, lemon juice, gram masala, and salt in a big container of your choice
Take out some of the mixture and roll it into small balls
Make a small hole and pour grated cheese into it. Seal the hole afterward.
Start heating the Healthy Fibres Cold pressed Groundnut Oil in a deep-bottomed pan
Put the small balls in the pan
Keep deep frying the Tikki until it gets golden brown

Serving Tips

Serving though only needs warmth and affection but in the case of our cheese corn Tikki with cold pressed Groundnut oil make sure to serve it hot and fresh alongside. These cheese-packed corn Tikkis are definitely an immense delight to bite into!
To make good food, we need good quality ingredients, and peculiarly in our case, one of the most crucial ingredients to get an amazing, mouthwatering cheese corn Tikki is to select the right oil for cooking.
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