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How to make Coconut Oil Coffee?

As health takes center stage, people seek alternatives to their regular food choice. Coconut oil has become an alternative and a go-to means to cook food. It offers incredible health benefits and a unique taste. And for this very reason, people have started incorporating it into many recipes. 

Coconut oil coffee is one such recipe that has garnered attention, and one has to know how to make it if one plans to sustain the use of Coconut oil and extract its benefits. Making it is one of the simplest things. Along with its fantastic health benefits, coconut oil coffee give a unique taste to traditional beverage making it one of the exciting drink to look forward to every day. And what makes this recipe even more interesting is that you can make an expensive-looking, delicious coconut oil coffee with a minimum budget and time. 

Well, it may seem too far-fetched to you right now, but if you try it, it will undoubtedly become one of the most delicious drinks you have ever tried. And given how few ingredients it needs, you can literally have this drink every day and sometimes even multiple times a day.

So wait to knock off the idea of trying this delicious goodness until you have tried it!

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How to make coconut oil coffee?

Now that you have gone through our brawl about how good coconut oil is and how well it bodes with coffee, this is the time to get into the kitchen and let the magic start.

Start with brewing your coffee in whichever way you like. This won’t change the way the end product tastes. Use any method you want, and find it most comfortable. After you have brewed the coffee, now is the time to add the hero of the recipe, which is coconut oil. Add a full tablespoon of coconut to the hot coffee. 

Mix it well and add a sweetener to the hot coffee. Adding a sweetener to the coffee is a personal choice, and you can also have the coffee without it if you like it bitter and pungent. However, to sweeten the beverage, add sugar-free sweeteners, such as honey, to keep it healthy. But sugar would work too. Stir the coffee and add the drink to a blender. In place of a blender, you can also use a milk frother to mix the coffee. Do this until the coconut oil is fully and perfectly blended with the mixture and gets creamy and frothy. 

After the coconut oil coffee is creamy enough, pour it into a cup and enjoy! Bon Appetite.

See? It can get easier than this; indeed, it is a fantastic way to care for your taste buds and health together. 

While making a hot and soulful cup of coconut oil coffee is easy, keeping a few things in mind is necessary. When you pour the coffee into the blender, it might be hot. You must be careful here and blend the mixture slowly and steadily to avoid splattering everywhere. To avoid such a scenario, use an immersion whisker or whisk it rigorously to mix the coconut oil with the coffee. 

The benefits of coconut oil are well known. Thus, a tablespoon of coffee will add a tint to the beverage, metabolism, and much-needed energy to increase the day’s productivity. 
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