Whole Wheat Flour 5 kgs

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Sharbati Wheat Flour is a premium quality flour made from the sharbati variety of wheat. It is known for its fine texture and excellent taste, making it a preferred choice for various culinary applications.


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Sharbati whole wheat flour (includes Bran).


1kg & 5kgs

To prepare soft chapaties, poori and sweets

  • 100 % PURE : This is whole wheat flour that is ground from the whole grain and contains all the constituents of the wheat kernels. It is 100% pure and natural. No chemicals or additives are added.
  • SHARBATHI WHEAT: “Sharbati” is the most premium type of wheat available in the country. Sharbati wheat is grown in abundance in Sehore area. There is a black and alluvial fertile soil in the Sehore area which is suitable for the production of Sharbati wheat. Sharbati wheat is also called The Golden Grain, because its color is golden, it looks heavy on the palm and its taste is sweet, hence its name is Sharbati.
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTION: Once opened, the contents needs to be transferred to an airtight container. Store in a dry, cool, and hygienic place.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Whole grains provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Whole-grain foods help control of cholesterol levels, weight and blood pressure. These foods also help lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other conditions.            Sharbati wheat flour is smoother in texture which makes soft chapatis. Being rain water irrigated, the soil for Sharbati wheat is high in potash content and low in humidity. This amazingly increases the protein content of the wheat by almost 2% more as compared to the other varieties of wheat.

DIRECTION TO USE to make Dosas using Wheat flour 


In a large bowl or flat plate with high edges, take 2 cups of warm water and add some salt then add whole wheat flour slowly and mix  with your hand. Once the dough starts to form, make the dough smooth by kneading it with your fist to Make soft chapatis or Crips pooris (  As our flour is rich in fibers make sure to add more water. )

*Shipping Charges – Rs.149/-

Our flours are bulkier, incurring additional shipping costs, but we’ve kept rates competitive to ensure a cost-effective shopping experience.

Weight 5 kg


4 reviews for Whole Wheat Flour 5 kgs

  1. Varun Patel

    अच्छा है

  2. Nisha Malhotra

    I use only this flour only for my baking. Good texture for the cakes. I am a home baker.

  3. Suresh

    Good. fribers rich

  4. Divya

    Regular customer… keep it up.. its good

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