Royal Nirvana (Massage Oil)

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Indulge in Royal Nirvana Coconut oil for Body Massage, a royal family formula enriched with Virgin Coconut Oil and eight essential oils for head-to-toe wellness. Experience relaxation and rejuvenation with its aromatic blend, perfect for body and hair.


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Confluence of 9 different type of essential oils.

Liquid above 250 Celsius as Virgin Coconut is the carrier oil

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60 ml, 100ml, 250ml

Body massage – Head to toe, Natural moisturiser

Royal Nirvana is a natural Body Massage Oil, is a holistic wellness treasure designed for a head-to-toe pampering experience made out of Virgin Coconut Oil:

Versatile Head-to-Toe Application: This luxurious oil isn’t just for body massage; it’s also a fantastic choice for nourishing and revitalizing your hair, thanks to its rich Virgin Coconut Oil content.

Royal Heritage Secret: This exclusive formula has been passed down through generations of royalty, where the King indulged in its benefits to enhance blood circulation and nourish his entire body.

Virgin Coconut Oil Base: Immerse yourself in the rich goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil, renowned for its deep moisturizing properties, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Eight Divine Essential Oils: Immerse yourself in the goodness of nine carefully selected essential oils:

Sandalwood Oil : Promotes relaxation and skin rejuvenation.
Lavender Oil: Eases stress and enhances hair health.
Peppermint Oil: Invigorates and revitalizes your senses.
Lemongrass Oil: Energizes and promotes a sense of well-being.
Holy Basil: Calms the mind and rejuvenates the body.
Almond Oil: Nourishes skin and hair for a youthful glow.
Ashwagandha: Relieves stress and promotes overall vitality.
Neem Oil: Supports healthy skin with its natural antibacterial properties.

Soothing Aromatic Bliss: The harmonious blend of these premium essential oils creates an aromatic symphony, inducing a deep sense of relaxation and tranquility in body, mind and soul.


Royal Nirvana Massage Oil is your ticket to a regal spa experience at home, enveloping you in luxurious comfort and providing an exquisite treat for your senses.

How to use cold pressed oil in daily meals



100ml, 250ml

5 reviews for Royal Nirvana (Massage Oil)

  1. Swati Raghavan

    Got this as a free product in one of the offers. Used it for diwali. Thanks

  2. Anusha Mallya

    My daily moisturiser, like it. use it

  3. Isha Khanna

    I use this product for body massage and hair oil for hair. Like both goods

  4. Srikar

    Aromatic body massage oil

  5. Supreetha

    I love the mix of around 9 different oils like mentioned for the perfect blend of smell and it so soothing. MUST TRY FOR SURE

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