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Natural, sweet

Afghan Sweet brown Raisins 



100gms, 250 gms

Could be consumed raw and could be used in sweets and baking cakes.

  • Premium Raisins: Bring home the choicest Premium Dry Fruit for your family
  • Hand Picked: You can rest assured about the consistency of the quality delivery as it has been handpicked for you.
  • Sweet in Taste: This premium kishmish pack contains one of the sweetest raisins to munch upon.


  • Health Benefits: Raisins, rich in vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, earn their nutrient-dense status. Their high fiber content actively promotes digestive health, alleviating constipation and imparting a satisfying feeling of fullness. Additionally, antioxidants within raisins combat cell damage, contributing to overall health. With a concentrated potassium content, they play a pivotal role in maintaining blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. The calcium and boron in raisins significantly contribute to bone health. Despite their inherent sweetness, their low glycemic index implies minimal impact on blood sugar, positioning them as an excellent and nutritious snack option.


  • How to use it in preparing Sweets: In sweets, incorporate raisins into cookie or cake batter for a chewy texture and natural sweetness. Infuse a delightful burst of flavor into puddings, rice dishes, or granola bars. It can be blended into smoothies or sprinkled on yogurt. Stuff them into chocolates or mix them into fudge for a sweet contrast. Furthermore, this dry fruit can help to balance out the flavors of nuts and trail mix. Kishmish adds sweetness and nutrition to a variety of desserts, whether you’re making muffins, pies, or energy bites.
  • Storage Instructions: Store it in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place.

100 gms, 250 gms

2 reviews for Raisins

  1. Dinesh Pai

    non sweeten raisins. tasty overall. fresh seems like

  2. Ganesh M

    Quality of the raisins are good. No wastage due to black raisins

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