Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 1 Litre + Virgin Coconut Oil 500 ml

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Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

  • PROCUREMENT & PROCESSING – We carefully select raw materials from well-maintained farms and subject them to a rigorous quality analysis, ensuring consumers receive the highest quality oil. We directly procure matured coconuts from farmers to eliminate uncertainties. We extract this pure coconut oil in a highly hygienic environment.
  • ZERO CHEMICALS – Healthy Fibres Coconut oil is of the purest form. This patented process is of highest quality and is free from adulteration and additives. Cold pressed coconut oil is  unrefined  and contains NO CHEMICALS.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Healthy Fibres Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties as it contains high amounts of lauric acid. The researchers claim that coconut oil consumption boosts immunity.
  • COSMETIC BENEFITS – This religiously produced coconut oil contains Myristic acids which protects skin and hair. The non greasy nature gives a good and healthy glow to the skin.  Coconut oil generally prevents hair fall and acts as the best hair conditioner.

Virgin Coconut Oil

  • PROCUREMENT & PROCESSING:We make this product using fresh coconuts, imparting a rich flavor and aroma while maintaining its natural nutritional goodness. You can find more information at https://healthyfibres.com/experience-stores-copy/.
  • PERFECT COCONUT OIL FOR COOKING AND BAKING: It makes for the perfect Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking and baking because of its high smoke point of 350°F. We cold-press it from hand-picked coconuts.
  • RADIANT SKIN AND HEALTHY HAIR: It promotes radiant skin and healthy hair due to its suitability for cooking and baking with a high smoke point of 350°F, and we cold-press it from hand-picked coconuts.
  • NATURAL SKIN HYDRATION: Unrefined Coconut natural body oil hydrates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple, and it also doubles as a natural makeup remover.
  • NATURAL SKIN HYDRATION: This natural body hydrates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, and supple, and it also doubles as a natural makeup remover.
  • NO Chemicals: Fibres in  are good for you as it has the highest quality, with no chemicals, additives, or refinement
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Virgin coconut oil offers a plethora of health benefits, such as preventing Alzheimer’s, treating hypothyroidism, caring for hair, improving skin health, balancing metabolism, and providing anti-fungal properties.
  • https://fb.watch/nF_Cc9rUva/

1 Litre, 500 ml


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