Cold Pressed Coconut Oil 500ml combo pack of 2

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Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


  • PROCUREMENT & PROCESSING –To extract Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil We carefully select raw materials from well-maintained farms and subject them to rigorous quality testing to ensure that consumers receive the highest-quality oil possible. We buy matured coconuts directly from farmers, eliminating uncertainty along the way. To ensure that optimal standards are met, our team conducts the oil extraction process in a highly sanitary environment.
  • ZERO CHEMICALS – Healthy Fibres Pure Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is of the purest form. This patented process is of highest quality and is free from adulteration and additives. Cold pressed coconut oil is  unrefined  and contains NO CHEMICALS.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Healthy Fibres Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties as it contains high amounts of lauric acid. The researchers claim that coconut oil consumption boosts immunity.
  • COSMETIC BENEFITS – This religiously produced coconut oil contains Myristic acids which protects skin and hair. The non greasy nature gives a good and healthy glow to the skin.  Coconut oil generally prevents hair fall and acts as the best hair conditioner.
  • AS A LUBRICANT – According to latest research by World renowned industrial experts, the usage of Cold pressed coconut oil as a lubricant in Food processing machinery can  avoid contamination in processed food.

Coconut Harmony Stir-Fry: A Symphony of Flavor and Wholesome Goodness.


Begin by bringing a pan to medium heat and adding two tablespoons of versatile coconut oil. As it melts, add finely chopped onions, garlic, and ginger to form a fragrant base. To ensure a variety of textures, add diced bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli as you transition to vibrant colours. While the vegetables cook, make a coconut oil-infused sauce with soy sauce, honey, and a hint of chilli flakes to seamlessly blend sweet and savoury flavours.

Gradually add this luscious mixture to the pan, allowing the vegetables to absorb the rich, aromatic sauce. Cook your preferred rice or noodles until perfectly tender in parallel. Finally, gently fold the cooked grains into the vegetable medley to ensure that the flavours are evenly distributed. Garnish with fresh cilantro or basil to give the dish a burst of herbal fragrance. This stir-fry with coconut oil promises a delightful harmony of textures and tastes, as well as a flavorful and nutritious culinary experience.


200 gms



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