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Cow Ghee

Cow Ghee, made using the Bilona method with milk from Holstein/Jersey cows, provides numerous health benefits. It is high in healthy fats, which help with weight management and provide long-lasting energy. Cow ghee is high in essential nutrients and promotes strong bones, immunity, and digestion. Its high smoke point makes it ideal for cooking while maintaining its nutritional value. The presence of antioxidants in cow ghee promotes overall health by combating oxidative stress. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties may contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Incorporating cow ghee into your diet can have a positive impact on many aspects of your health, making it an excellent culinary and nutritional choice.

Know more:

  • TRADITIONAL METHOD: Crafting Cow Ghee through the time-honored Bilona method involves using milk from Holstein/Jersey cows. Healthy Fibres Cow Ghee undergoes a meticulous process, including boiling the milk, cooling it to the precise temperature, culturing it with curds, and allowing the conversion into whole curd before churning to extract butter. Subsequently, the process involves traditional heating and melting of the obtained butter.
  • KEEPS YOUR DIGESTION IN CHECK: Make the switch from unhealthy options like super-refined cooking oils to Healthy Fibres Cow Ghee. Not only does it assist in better digestion, but it also provides the energy boost needed to kickstart your day
  • BETTER NUTRITION, BETTER IMMUNITY: Packed with vitamins A, D, E & K, and omega-3s, Ghee aids in better immunity, heart health, joint health, and many more health issues.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES: We never compromise on the quality, purity, and taste of our ghee. Our pure cow’s ghee is FSSAI-certified, making it safe for ingestion.
  • AYURVEDIC MEDICINE: As part of Ayurveda, a centuries-old style of alternative medicine practiced in India. Ghee is used in conjunction with herbal therapy. Beyond its believed to have spiritual and medicinal properties
  • CHAPPED LIPS: The best way to use ghee for chapped lips is by preparing a simple homemade lip balm. Just take 5 teaspoons of ghee and heat it up and add in 1 teaspoon of honey, mix it nicely. Pour this mixture into a container and apply it after gently scrubbing lips with sugar and healthy Fibres Forest Honey mixture.
  • HOW TO CONSUME: Drizzle some ghee on chapatis, parathas, bread, rice etc. Or use it for a sizzling tadka for varieties of dals, curries, and vegetables. Additionally, you can incorporate it into your skincare routine as a DIY remedy for achieving glowing skin.”
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTION: Store in a cool and dark place, do not expose to direct sunlight, and tighten the lid properly after every use.

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