Cold Pressed Gingelly Oil 500ml Combo pack of 2


Cold Pressed Gingelly / Sesame seed Oil 

  • PROCUREMENT & PROCESSING: Gingelly oil is extracted from fresh and high grade gingelly seeds.It is cold pressed where the temperature does not increase  40C to 50C  from the ambient temperature during extraction..
  • ZERO CHEMICALS:Healthy Fibres Gingelly oil is pure and away from adulteration. This patented process is of highest quality and is free from adulteration and additives. This unrefined  product contains NO CHEMICALS.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Gingelly oil is the purest sesame seed oil. Sesamol is a compound present in gingelly oil. This supports in  maintaining cardiovascular health. Diabetes prevention, anti-cancer qualities, radiation protection for cells are few of the good qualities of this wonder oil seed.
200 gms



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