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Why Healthy Fibres?

100% pure

Pure, Natural, No Chemicals and Preservative free.

Nutrition Packed

Traditional and cold pressed process retains all the essentials nutrition.

Quality raw materials

Precoured from well maintained farms.

Tasty is Healthy

Healthy food never taste so delicious.

Sweet Almond Oil

100% pure for edible and cosmetic use.

Super Snacks

Enhance your health journey by choosing Dry Fruits as your perfect snack

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Contains valuable amount of a oxidants & rich in Vitamin E &protein

Helps in easy digestion and thus keeps up the good health by preventing disorders in the stomach

Lesser Free Fatty Acids

1 Litre of Groundnut oil is extracted from approx. 3-3.2Kgs of Groundnuts

Oilseeds are processed in state-of-the-art extraction 4 machine & through patented filtration system which is completely Chemical-free.

Reduces risk of Cancer Invest on your health NOW

Favourite choice for deep frying as the oil does not transmit the aroma of the oil into the fried dish

Provides relief from constipation


Exciting Offers on Combos

Unleash your culinary creativity with a variety of cold-pressed oils in your recipes.

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Healthy Fibres

is a perfect confluence of traditional recipes and modern technology.

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Quick answers to your most common queries.

What are cold pressed oils?

Cold-pressed oils are natural oils extracted from various seeds or nuts without the use of excessive heat or chemicals. The process involves crushing the raw material at a low temperature and then pressing it to extract the oil. This method helps retain the natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value of the oil, as the low heat preserves the essential nutrients and antioxidants.


How are cold pressed cooking oils different from refined oils?

Cold-pressed oils are extracted without heat or chemicals, retaining more nutrients and flavour. Refined oils undergo processing like RBD i.e., Refined, Bleaching and De-odorising, losing some nutrients and having a neutral taste. Cold-pressed oils are healthier and more natural, while refined oils are more processed.

What are health benefits of cold pressed cooking oils?

  1. Cold-pressed oils provide a wealth of health benefits, thanks to their abundant nutrients and antioxidants. They support heart health, boost immunity, and promote healthy skin. Additionally, these oils possess anti-inflammatory properties and remain stable at high cooking temperatures. Remember to select reputable sources to reap their full health advantages.

Are refined oils hazardous/dangerous to health?

Refined oils may pose health risks like Blood Pressure, Thyroids, Cancer due to nutrient loss, trans fats formation, and increased omega-6 fatty acids. High-temperature cooking can create harmful compounds. Opt for healthier alternatives like cold-pressed oils to mitigate these hazards.

What is Wild Honey? Where is it sourced from?

Wild honey is sourced from natural honeybee colonies of Western Ghats, collected from a variety of wildflowers in their environment. It is raw, unheated, and unfiltered, retaining its natural enzymes and nutrients. The flavour depends on the plants in the wild area. It’s considered a healthier alternative to processed honey.


What is Lakadong Turmeric Powder?

Lakadong Turmeric Powder comes from Meghalaya, India. It has high curcumin content, known for its health benefits. Its vibrant colour and intense flavour make it popular for cooking and as a natural food colouring.

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A part of Goldman Sacchs 10K Women Program by Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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