Home Blend Coffee Powder 80 20 Combo pack of 5


Home Blend Filter Coffee powder 80 : 20

  • 100 % PURE: Chickmangaloe filter coffee powder, 100 % pure roasted ground coffee aromatic and tasty. It is free from chemicals and other additives.
  • FILTER COFFEE POWDER: It is a authentic filter coffee powder made in a way to prepare traditional filter coffee which we use to prepare in the good old days. It is made with the finest coffee beans that are roasted and ground to perfection so that one gets an aromatic and flavourful decoction.
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTION: Once opened, the contents needs to be transferred to an airtight container. Store in a dry, cool, and hygienic place
  • DIRECTION TO USE: Add required tablespoons of Healthy Fibres Coffee Powder to the upper portion of the coffee filter then fill it with hot water and cover it. Let it brew for 15 minutes. Pour the decoction and hot milk into a cup & add sugar / jaggery to taste. Transfer the coffee from one cup to another for the perfect froth and serve hot.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS:Coffee contains many useful nutrients, including riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), magnesium, potassium, and various phenolic compounds, or antioxidants. Some experts suggest that these and other ingredients in coffee can benefit the human body in various ways.

Coffee, a popular beverage, not only provides a morning boost but also has several health benefits. It is high in antioxidants, which promote heart health, lower the risk of certain diseases, and increase mental alertness. Caffeine improves mood, concentration, and physical performance. Regular consumption has been associated with a lower risk of neurological conditions. In addition, coffee may help with fat loss and metabolism. Consuming this flavorful brew in moderation promotes a well-balanced, energised lifestyle.

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