Apolo Ohno: Virgin Coconut oil – Secret of Extra Energy

None other than olympic gold medalist for short track speed skating and the winner of the prestigious “ Dancing with the Stars”, Apolo Ohno vouches strongly to consume Virgin Coconut Oil as an energy booster. He revealed his secret of extra energy during his interaction with the New York Times

Apolo Ohno’s favorite dinner consisting of steamed broccoli and boiled rice was always dressed with Virgin Coconut Oil as topping. Virgin Coconut Oil has many nutrients contributing for good health and helps to improve cognitive functions like metabolism , hair growth and good skin. 

Virgin Coconut oil has a unique composition of saturated fats mainly lauric fatty acids and myristic fatty acids which have been found to have many health benefits. This is generally consumed as a therapy of 1 tablespoon every day in the mornings before food for better metabolism and healthier weight loss. Healthy Fibres (Cold Press) Virgin Coconut oil does not contain any chemicals and it is 100% natural and has a pleasant taste and aroma.

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